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Urban Animal Coffee Roastery

Bleat! Deer it is! - Ethiopian SWP Decaf

Bleat! Deer it is! - Ethiopian SWP Decaf

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Experience Pure Delight with our Ethiopian Decaf Light Roast Coffee

Origin: Ethiopia 

Processing Method: Swiss Water

Roast: Light

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Blackberry, Mandarin and Caramel

Discover the essence of quality and flavor in our Light Roast Decaf Coffee, meticulously sourced from the organic lands of Ethiopia. Crafted with care, this decaffeinated coffee embodies a unique taste experience, offering a delightful blend of blueberry, blackberry, mandarin, and caramel notes. Elevate your coffee routine with this exceptional brew, enriched with a natural sweetness that soothes the senses.

From Ethiopia to Your Cup: A Journey of Taste

Embark on a journey of flavor with our premium coffee beans from Ethiopia. Grown organically in the lush Ethiopian terrain, these beans are revered for their exceptional quality and distinct taste profile. Processed using the renowned Swiss water method, our decaf beans maintain their natural integrity while being stripped of caffeine. This chemical-free process ensures that you can enjoy a flavorful and aromatic coffee without compromising on taste.

A Gentle Light Roast: Unveiling Sublime Flavors

Savor the delicate nuances of our Light Roast coffee, boasting captivating hints of blueberry, blackberry, mandarin, and caramel. Let the essence of fresh blueberries and ripe blackberries dance on your palate, accompanied by the refreshing zest of mandarin. Experience the luscious sweetness of caramel as it envelops each sip, leaving a smooth and satisfying finish that lingers pleasantly.

Brewing Instructions: Perfect for Drip or Espresso

Whether you prefer a slow drip brew or a bold espresso shot, our Light Roast Decaf Coffee is tailored to suit your brewing preferences. Its vibrant flavors and subtle acidity make it an excellent choice for drip coffee, allowing you to enjoy the nuanced richness of the beans. Equally suitable for espresso extraction, this coffee lends a bright and lively touch to your espresso-based creations. Embrace the versatility of our coffee and elevate your coffee experience with every cup.

Embrace the Flavorful Journey Now

Immerse yourself in the delectable world of Ethiopian Decaf Light Roast Coffee. Let the enchanting blend of blueberry, blackberry, mandarin, and caramel tantalize your taste buds, promising a sensory delight with each sip. Seize the opportunity to revel in the delightful flavors and benefits that await you with every cup of our exceptional brew.

Order now and embark on a flavorful adventure with our Ethiopian Decaf Light Roast Coffee, and relish the pure pleasure of premium taste and quality.

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